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Aluminum Veneer Series
Aluminum Veneer Series
▲Light weight, good rigidity, high strength, 3.0mm thick aluminum plate weight per square 8kg, tensile strength 100-280n / mm2.
▲Weather resistance and corrosion resistance. Use kyflat-500, hylur500 pvdf fluorocarbon-based material up to 25 years without fading.
▲Technology is good. Using the first processing of complex geometries painting process, aluminum can be processed into a flat, curved and spherical like.
▲Coating uniformity, color variety. Advanced electrostatic spraying technology allows adhesion between paint an-daluminum uniform, color variety, large selection.
▲Easy to stain, easy cleaning and maintenance. Non-tackiness fluorine coating film adhered to the surface is difficult to contaminants, more excellent cleaning performance.
▲Convenient installation and construction. Aluminum molding factory, construction site does not require cutting, can be fixed on the skeleton.
▲Recyclable, environmentally friendly. Aluminium can be 100% recycled, can be different from glass, stone, ceramics, aluminum panels and other decorative materials, recycling high residual value.  Product Usage
▲Building walls, and column, balconies, partitions package decoration, interior decoration, advertis ing signs, vehicles, furniture, stands, instrument housings, subway shipping tools.
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