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Roller Coating Process
Roller Coating Process
Product BriefProduction base in all these products of international standards 1100H24,3003H24 aluminum, aluminum alloy hot-rolled quality imported PVC or PE fluorocarbon coating, high quality; at the same time, high-performance roll coating process, can more effectively control plate accuracy, flatness, successful elimination of the traditional production process limitations caused by irregularities and folds, so even delicate color architectural decoration, soft and bright.
FeaturesBecause the characteristics of roll coating process, roll coating thickness is not greater than 2.5mm Good product flatness Unweldable Even delicate fabrics Excellent resultsFor low pressure case, such as low-rise building exterior and interior, etc
Resistant to decayMore effective control panel surface flatness and smoothness, history often new.
AcidHenkel uses chromium coating technology, suitable climate Littoral salt spray.
Chalking resistanceEven delicate fabric roller coating technology, can effectively prevent chalking top surface.
CorrosionSpecific PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride resin) or PE (polyester resin) coatings, better results.
Roll coating plate surface coating performance

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