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Poller Coating Process
Poller Coating Process
Features1、Light weight, rigidity, and high strength 2、Weather resistance and corrosion resistance3、processing technology, can be processed into a flat, curved Complex shapes and other surface and spherical surface4、color optional wide, decorative effect5、easy to stain, easy cleaning and maintenance6、installation easy and fast

StructureFluorocarbon aluminum veneer is mainly composed of panels, stiffen-ers, mounting brackets and other components can also be added to fill in the back panel of mineral wool insulation. Lugs can be bent directly from the panel, also additionally equipped with a profile on the panel. Welded bolts on the back panel, the ribs by bolts and panels linked to form a solid overall, ribs serve to increase the rigidity of the fluorocarbon aluminum veneer, aluminum veneer fluorocarbon ensure long-term use of the wind pressure characteristics and smoothness. Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer fluorocarbon PVDF surface coating and baked at high temperature. 
789Raw materialThe main raw material of aluminum veneer fluorocarbon aluminum one, the second is a fluorocarbon coating.1、Aluminum: The company produces fluorocarbon aluminum veneer are made of high quality aluminum processing. Grades are mainly: 1060H24,H00H24,3003H24.2、Thickness: Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer thickness specification is generally 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm. However, the actual thickness is not the case, in general, there are some negative tolerance. Our company produces aluminum veneer fluorocarbon ensure compliance with their actual thickness GB / T3194-1998 national standards.
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